Coupons DZ

About us

Couponsdz is a platform that offers discounts to its subscribers in several categories (Restaurants, health and beauty, entertainment, etc.) in the form of discount coupons using our mobile application

About our Product

Coupons DZ is a subscription based coupon platform which allows customers to avail special offers/discounts on various products of their liking.

We span accross 3 different business backgrounds


Health and Beauty


About the product


Our subscription model is a simple one-stop shop experience for the customer. It follows 3 ridiculuosly simple steps as below

Login -> Pay -> Enjoy

No added micro-transactions

No recurring payments

No distractions



The customer can either choose to pay for our subscription directly to our sales representative or to the merchant they want to avail their coupon from (e.g. their favourite restaurant/gym etc.)

For Customers

Activating a Coupon

Once paid for subscription, the user can simply click on the desired coupon and redeem it.

Following would be a unique QR code verification done by merchant to ensure authenticity of the user and avoid malpractices and/or exploitation of the coupons.

Activating a Coupon

For Merchants

Setting up a New Business

merchants will follow 3 simple steps to regest their activity:

1- Make their registrations
2- choose Their type of business
3- fill in their information

now they can start creating and posting coupons that easy

Signup as Merchant